Responsibility and Limitations

RESPONSIBILITY AND LIMITATIONS: AAA Club Alliance Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Provident Travel”) arrange the services described, including without limitation lodging provided by hoteliers and transportation companies independent of Provident Travel. Provident Travel issues documents for such travel services merely for the convenience of independent entities that furnish such services. The travel documents are subject to all conditions of these suppliers (some of which may limit or exclude supplier`s liability.) BY PURCHASING TRAVEL THROUGH Provident, YOU AGREE THAT IT SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY OR DEATH OR INJURY TO A PERSON, RESULTING FROM ANY ACT OR OMISSION OF ANY SUPPLIER PROVIDING ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE OR CAUSED BY STRIKE, WAR, WEATHER, QUARANTINE, SICKNESS, GOVERNMENT RESTRICTION OR REGULATION, OR ANY OTHER CAUSE BEYOND Provident Travel’s CONTROL. Under no circumstances is Provident Travel to be construed as carrier under contract for safe carriage of the passenger or his or her baggage and belongings. Provident Travel reserves the right to substitute components of any programs. Provident Travel MAKES NO WARRANTIES, GUARANTEES OR REPRESENTATION OF ANY KIND OR IMPLIED, ARISING BY LAW OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY ARISING FROM COURSE OF PERFORMANCE, COURSE OF DEALING, OR USAGE OF TRADE. Every effort is made to ensure website accuracy at the time of publication; however, Provident Travel cannot be held responsible for pricing or typographical errors. Provident Travel reserves the right to decline, accept or retain any person as a member of any tour and to alter the tour. SHOULD revision of itinerary or features become necessary OR ADDITIONAL TAXES OR SURCHARGES BE IMPOSED, any additional expense IS THE OBLIGATION OF the tour participant. OTA Nos. 0023 through TA003 and TA171.